Three Autumn Nights in Knoxville

Ida and Dan White lived in a little four-room house at 36 Hart Ave in Knoxville after WWI and Dan worked nights at the Appalachian Cotton Mill. On September 13, 1919, as she slept in a bed with her six-year-old sister, a man entered her room.  Ida awoke around 3 a.m. to feel a man’sContinue reading “Three Autumn Nights in Knoxville”

The First Night Marauder Attack?

On May 8 1919, Della Wagner (Sometimes Delia Waggoner, later Cunningham, later Whaley) was staying with her sister and her sister’s husband at Callaway and Crooked St., now known as Douglas Ave, in Knoxville. She told the police that she awoke to find a man standing in her room and screamed. The man showed herContinue reading “The First Night Marauder Attack?”

The Forensics Challenge

This post was written by contributors Leigh Ann Brewington (MC’21) and Carrie Mitchell (MC ’23) and edited by N. Locklin. Today, there is a long list of things that must be done before a murder trial can begin. This includes things such as gathering evidence, having witnesses give statements, deciding which charges to go for,Continue reading “The Forensics Challenge”

Overview of the Night Marauder attacks

Between 1919 and 1926, east Tennessee was terrorized by a serial killer dubbed the “Night Marauder” by the press.  Up until 1921, his attacks were focused in and around the city of Knoxville. Most attacks followed the same pattern—the intruder would break into a modest home, one that did not have electricity, and approach aContinue reading “Overview of the Night Marauder attacks”

Introduction to the Project

I had recently published a book, Murder, Justice, and Harmony in an Eighteenth-Century French Village (Routledge, 2019) and was pretty excited to talk about it with my students. The regulars, mostly history majors, heard so much about my work and especially how the histories of emotions, of violence, and of murder had opened my eyesContinue reading “Introduction to the Project”