The Night Marauder Project

Students at Maryville College in East Tennessee are working on a long-forgotten mystery.

Between 1919 and 1926, east Tennessee was terrorized by a serial killer dubbed the “Night Marauder” by the press. Whoever this fiend was, his attacks inspired terror, violence, and chaos on the streets of Knoxville, Alcoa, and Maryville. This blog will feature the work of Dr. Nancy Locklin and her trusted research assistants as they unravel the case of the Night Marauder.

The project was featured on the podcast of criminologist Lee Mellor, “Murder Was The Case,” Episode #254: Night Marauder, part 1: The Devil and Will Sheffey”. Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts!

Listen to our interview on the Blount County Public Library’s podcast, “Beyond the Shelves“!

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